Number 3778, 3 March 1873: Agreement between Mr. Charles Thuot dit Duval and Mr. Louis Lefebvre.

Before Mr. E.H. Bisson, notary public for the Province of Québec, undersigned, resident of St-Louis-de-Gonzague in Beauharnois District, and in the presence of André Roy Junior, baker of the village of St-Louis-de-Gonzague, legal witness required to effect these presents, also undersigned,

There appeared Mr. Charles Thuot dit Duval, laborer of North Georgetown in Chateauguay County of Beauharnois District, of the one part, and Louis Lefebvre, farmer of St-Louis-de-Gonzague Parish in the same district, of the other part,

Which parties have made between themselves the following agreement, which they have respectively pledged to execute and faithfully fulfill, as follows:

Mr. Louis Lefebvre, for good and valuable consideration, releases and discharges Mr. Thuot dit Duval and his representatives from all claims of any kind that he might have, demand, or assert against him for having taken care of [the] children of Mr. Thuot [and for] having clothed and fed them until now, promising that he will never disturb or bother Mr. Thuot regarding the care and maintenance of his said children. Mr. Lefebvre further pledges to said Charles Thuot dit Duval that he will feed, clothe, and maintain them in the future as in the past until each of said children has attained the age of fourteen years, for which Mr. Thuot dit Duval will pay to Mr. Lefebvre the sum of ten dollars annually at the end of the year for each child until their respective age of fourteen years, provided that said children do not die before then and that they wish to live and remain with Mr. Lefebvre, who pledges this especially to Mr. Thuot for as long as said children reside with him. It is also understood that in the event that said children desire and wish to leave the residence of Mr. Louis Lefebvre before having attained their respective ages of fourteen years or if either of them happens to die before this time, Mr. Thuot dit Duval will be released from the obligation of annual payment to the latter of said sum of ten dollars for the maintenance of said children, and accounting from this date Mr. Thuot dit Duval will be released and free from all claims of any kind that Mr. Lefebvre might then have against Mr. Thuot dit Duval. Finally, it is especially understood between the parties that in the event that Mr. Thuot dit Duval wishes to retrieve his two children from their uncle, Mr. Louis Lefebvre, before their having attained their respective ages of fourteen years and that said children wish to continue residing with Mr. Lefebvre, Mr. Thuot will then have the power to retrieve them and bring them to live with him [but] must pay Mr. Lefebvre without form of compensation and for their maintenance until then the sum of six hundred dollars in current money of Canada.

And for the execution of these presents the parties have designated their residence in the office of the undersigned notary, in the village of St-Louis-de-Gonzague Parish.

Executed at St-Louis-de-Gonzague in the office of the undersigned notary, under the number three thousand seven hundred seventy-eight, in the year one thousand eight hundred seventy-three on the third day of March, in the forenoon, and the parties have declared themselves unable to sign at the request of said notary who has signed with the witness after a complete reading.

[Signed:] André Roy, E.H. Bisson

1873 Agreement
between Charles Duval and Louis Lefebvre

The Duval Family
of Unity and Marshfield