This bronze statue on the base of the Hébert monument depicts Marie Rollet, Louis’ wife, in about 1617, and their three children -- from left to right: Guillemette, Guillaume (our ancestor), and Anne. Unfortunately, the historians guiding the project were in error regarding the relative ages of the children. To be accurate, Guillaume, who here appears to be about four years old, should have been depicted as a nine-year-old. The other two children are more accurately represented.

The above plaque, on the Hébert monument, commemorates “The First Settlers of Québec.” It lists the 47 earliest couples to settle in the Québec City area, during the period 1617-1640. We are related to eleven of the first fourteen:

Louis Hébert and Marie Rollet
Guillaume Couillard and Guillemette Hébert
Abraham Martin and Marguerite Langlois
Nicolas Marsolet and Marie LeBarbier
Pierre Desportes and Françoise Langlois
Etienne Jonquest and Anne Hébert
Olivier Letardif and Louise Couillard
Jean Nicolet and Marguerite Couillard
Noel Morin and Hélène Desportes
Guillaume Hubou and Marie Rollet
Guillaume Fournier and Françoise Hébert

The historians guiding the project omitted one of the earliest couples, to whom we are also related: Guillaume Hébert and Hélène Desportes.

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